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Hindu Priest Rishikesh Tiwari @ U.S.A.

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Cont. Tel. Ph -                       (425) 358-1636            


Father’s name-                   Himlal Tiwari    

Permanent Address   1306 Parachin Shri Ram mandir:

                                       Vijaya Nager Ghaziabad U.P


USA Address               :  Sanatan Dharma Temple

                                        19826 SE 232nd St.

                                        Maple Valley, WA 98038

Academic Qualification


        Acharya (Master’s Degree) 1st Divi. 2000 Sampurnananda Sanskrit University Varanasi(U.P.) India.

        Shastri (Graduate Degree) 1st Divi. 1991 Sampurnananda Sanskrit University Varanasi(U.P.) India


      Special Qualification

        Priest Training Course   2000 Hindu Heritage pratistan, Modi Foundation, Modipuram,Meerut(U.P.) India



      (Nine Months Residential Course).

            *Priest Training Course

This course is funded by the Modi Industrial Group and focuses on preparing Priests for Hindu Temple overseas, Priests are well versed in English, Sanskrit, Rituals, Samskaras, Pooja, Shreemadbhagavadgeeta, Upanishads, astrology, Palmistry, Yoga Aasanaas, Praanaayaama, Meditation, they are also trained to meet the challenges faced by Hindus in western Countries and to work with youth.


  • As a Temple priest of Sanatan Dharma Temple and Cultural Center Maple Valley, WA 98038 USA.

        As a Temple priest (February 2003 to November 2008) at Hindu Temple of Wisconsin Pewauke,WI 53072 USA.


        As a Temple priest (May 2000 to January2003) at Sindhi merchant Association, SINDHI HOUSE, Singapore.


        As a Temple priest (May 1991 to May 2000).at Prachin Sri Rammandir Ghaziabad, UP, INDIA.

        As a Yagnyacharya (performing a yajnyam Experience )

        Archaka (Priest),Karmakanda Experience 16.years.


    Playing Harmonium with Sanskrit,Hindi, Bhajans

Personal Profile

Languages Known  : Hindi, Nepali, English, and Sanskrit

Marital Status         :  Married

Immigration Status : Permanent Residence 

Pt. Rishikesh Tiwari

Decorated Lord Shiva
after Rudrabhishekam

Phone: (425) 413-8900

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: