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Hindu Priest Rishikesh Tiwari @ U.S.A.

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Hindu Deities
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A Hindu deity (god or goddess) represents a particular aspect of the Supreme Being. For example, Saraswati represents the learning and knowledge aspect of the Supreme Being. Thus, if a Hindu wants to pray for acquiring knowledge and understanding, they prays to Saraswati.Hindu deity does not have a separate and independent existence from the Supreme Being. Thus, Hindu worship of deities is monotheistic polytheism and not simple polytheism.

 Hindu God & Goddesses
Vishnu - The God of Maintenance  
  Brahma - The God of Creation
Siva - The God of Destruction
Saraswathi - Goddess of Wisdom - Consort of Lord Brahma
Lakshmi - Goddess of Wealth - Consort of Lord Vishnu
Parvathi - Goddess Sakthi -  Consort of Lord Shiva
Ganesha - Son of Shiva & Parvathi   
 Muruga - Son of Shiva & Parvathi

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